Growing Tips 

September we give the ground Dolomite Lime to sweeten the soil as dahlias do better when the ground  PH level is round 6-7.

Plant dahlias when you think the last of the frosts has been.   We plant our dahlias round Labour weekend.

Firstly, we put our stakes in the ground where we have planned to plant our dahlias about 60cm for smaller varieties, for larger varieties approximately 80cm apart, Pompones like to be planted close together about 40cm apart, we do this so not to damage the dahlias when we plant.    

Plant your dahlia tubers about 5-6cm deep, with the eye facing upwards and the neck towards the stake and then cover.

As dahlias are a soft stemmed plant, when they are about 20cm we tie them up in figure 8 loosely and pinch out the centre to promote more growing branches, which will produce more flowers.   If you live in a windy area you may need to tie when the plants are about 50cm tall.

Dahlias are gross feeders and like plenty of water, don’t over water them.    Do not use high nitrogen plant foods as this only encourages leaves and fewer flowers.    If stems are weak give them a side dressing of potash.

Spraying, identify the problem and use a spray to combat it.   Spray about every 3 weeks.   Dahlias late in the season may have downy mildew you can spray but it is not necessary as this does not affect the tubers in any way just looks like the plant has been neglected.